Blackflower took their name from a song by 60's british psych pop group nirvana, and was formed in 1999 by childhood friends paul and stu, originally from darlington, along with long time friend sean weldon. For the first couple of years it was strictly a bedroom recording project, and it was only in 2001 that the band started playing live, initially as an acoustic duo, and then as a 3 piece with paul playing drums and singing. Around this time distraction records released 3 blackflower songs on a sampler entitled 'prise yourself loose and listen'. Drummer adam stenhouse joined in 2004. The bands sound around this time had distinct alt. country leanings, but with strong, heartfelt melodies. Leon first joined on guitar for a series of gigs including a support with sixties legend Country Joe. When sean left in 2006 he was replaced by graeme readshaw, and it was at this point that the band decided on a change of sound, focusing more on the melodic pop side of their songwriting, which culminated in the release of two split singles, 'you won't get a girl like that' with moira stewart (2006) on Cabin Boy Collective, and 'crying shame' with minotaurs (2007) on Sweet Records, both of which received very warm reviews from the likes of losing today, obscuresound and, and radio airplay from steve lamacq and marc riley. The band spent 2007 recording their long awaited debut album with producer ross lewis, on a farm near morpeth, following which mastering was provided by david brewis. The album comprisies 10 songs, ranging from pure melodic indie pop to more drawn out shoegaze/psychedelia influenced tracks, and features a 9 minute version of live favourite, a cover of 'indian summer' by beat happening. Leon re-joined on guitar and keyboards to help with the live sound and quickly became fully involved in writing and arranging songs, and is making a big difference in the progression of blackflower.